Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How to Cure Several Common Ailments With Natural Cures

No matter how healthy you are, there's going to be a time when you get ill. Being ill can be expensive and uncomfortable, as you can miss work and spend money on medicine. However, in many cases, you can find affordable natural cures that are created from simple and easy to find ingredients. Go through this article and you will learn some of the natural treatments that are used for some common ailments. Today with so much dirty air, asthma is one common problem for many people. The trachea and bronchial tubes often become swollen, and also plugged with mucus. Normal breathing is not possible, due to the narrow airways, which prevent air from getting into the lungs. Certain vitamins are able to reduce the inflammation -some of the best ones to take are Vitamins C, B6 and B12. If you would like reduce the attacks, ginkgo biloba needs to be used. Mullein oil can be prepared as a tea, which aids in respiratory congestion. Any type of stimulant, such as caffeine, can momentarily unclog the sinuses. A fever is when the temperature of the body goes up, which is rather typical in kids. Unless it is dangerously high, a fever isn't a bad sign, since it means the body is combating a virus or bacteria and you need rest. Vitamin C and zinc are both excellent supplements to take for a variety of afflictions, including ear infections. Additionally you can clean your ears with colloidal silver or take it by mouth, in addition to taking alcohol-free Echinacea, when the infection first occurs. A virus is the cause when you get the flu, and you should take vitamin C and zinc once you know that you have it. Garlic is another good home remedy for the flu, and colloidal silver could also be effective. Yet another remedy is tea made from cayenne powder, ginger root and bayberry bark. The natural remedy gelsemium is recommended for aches and pains, chills, unusual thirst and chills. Lobelia tincture and catnip tea are a good combination to take in case you are running a fever. Cat's claw is yet another herb that can help you combat the flu. Everyone has had a cold, and knows that it is going to last one or two weeks. You simply need a good amount of liquids to drink and lots of rest, particularly if it is an uncomplicated cold. Some symptoms could be alleviated by aspirin or other pain killers, and gargling with warm water and sea salt can help also. One illness that is mainly because of stress is the headache, which every person gets from time to time. The shoulders and neck could also be impacted. Minimizing stress is the most effective way to stop headaches, and it's also vital that you get ample sleep and exercise. Plenty of problems may be solved by going to your kitchen drawers, rather than rushing off to the doctor. A couple of ingredients that work really well for common illnesses are honey and lemon. Natural remedies have widespread appeal for many reasons, so try to broaden your knowledge about them whenever you can.

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